Master Seminar WS2019

Seminar Quantum Computation


Peter Rossmanith
Henri Lotze (
Jan Dreier (


Quantum Computing offers great potential in many fields of computer science such as cryptography or quantum simulation. Quantum computers are very different from classical computers and are believed to be able to efficiently solve some problems considered hard for classical computers. For an introduction see here.

We put less emphasis on the physical foundations of quantum mechanics. Instead, we focus on quantum computing models such as the quantum circuit model. These models offer a powerful abstraction of quantum computing and can be studied without knowledge of quantum mechanics. We will discuss models of quantum computation, quantum algorithms, as well as quantum complexity theory. This is a hard topic as we will go deep down into the gritty details of quantum computing.

Selected topics include: quantum teleportation, superdense coding, quantum search algorithms, quantum Fourier transform and its applications such as Shor's algorithm.


Participants are required to independently read the first few chapters of the book Quantum Computation and Quantum Information by Michael Nielsen and Isaac Chuang. In order to make sure that everyone understands the topic we offer one or two question sessions where participants can ask about material they did not understand themselves. Afterwards, we assign each participant one topic. The participants will have some time to prepare and in the beginning of 2020 all topics will be presented in block seminar form. Some time later, each participant has to hand in a written report on their topic.


Participants are not expected to have any prior knowledge of quantum mechanics or quantum computing whatsoever. However, all topics in this seminar are very mathematical and require strong knowledge in linear algebra and combinatorics. If you enjoyed discrete structures and linear algebra you will be fine.


Topic Student
Measurements Roman Vuskov
Universal Quantum Gates Julius Pörzgen
Quantum Error Correction Anna Maiworm
ZX-Calculus Gonzalo Martin Garcia
Quantum Search Leander Behr, Marvin Gazibaric
Applications of Quantum Search Jakob Gehlhard, Philip Whittington
Limitations of Quantum Search Daniel Pimentel
Quantum Interactive Proofs Fabian Bloemers
Quantum Cryptography Jérôme Lenßen
Random Oracles Sebastian Issel
Quantum Fourier Transformation Adrian Gallus, Linus Heck
Phase Estimation Phil Pützstück
Factoring & Order Finding Daniel Mann
Physical Fundamentals Tim Andres, Patrick Wienholt
How to Use Real Quantum Computers Alina Troglio
Google's Quantum Supremacy Moritz Rösgen




Your essay should be written in LaTeX and should not exceed 8 pages (excluding references). Please use this template (or something equivalent).